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What’s the lure of Peppa Pig?

What’s the lure of Peppa Pig?

 In short, toddlers relate to Peppa. Her daily life routines are familiar – she plays games they know, eats foods they do and lives in a family environment that may not be too dissimilar from their own. 

Children live vicariously through Peppa while learning everything she learns…. How to play football, the importance of recycling and that sailors use the North Star to guide them at night to name just a few.

For parents, Peppa’s a clever and independent girl who’s not afraid to try new things. Identifying with Peppa emboldens toddlers to go forth and embark on their own adventures, both in the known and the unknown. Kiran, a Karachi mum, says convincing her daughter to try something new is sometimes as easy as saying, “Let’s do this, just like Peppa!”

Peppa Pig books enhance this. These books help build children’s listening and other “off-screentime” skills. In Peppa Goes Swimming, for instance, the events from the show are more or less replicated in the book, but as with all book-screen adaptations, there’s always more in the book!

Best of all, the Peppa stories follow a proper story sequence. Language is age-appropriate and grammatically correct, and each story has a beginning, middle and end, thereby becoming an early teacher of storytelling and sequencing. Peppa Pig books are must haves in every toddler’s library. Rest assured, they’ll be begging to be read to every single night.

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