Buy children's books for 4 to 6 years in Pakistan

Children's books for 4 to 6 years

For kids aged 4 to 6 years, regular reading activity can build a solid language foundation and higher level of literacy. 

Kids who read or are read to daily, generally do much better in school. In Pakistan you can get the original and imported Children's books at 

Here are some of the best Children's books at Chapters for kids aged 4 to 6 years:


1. Roald Dahl Scribble Book

Roald Dahl Scribble Book for age 4 to 6 years in Pakistan


Draw your own Chocolate Factory! Design a fantastic home for Mr Fox! Dream some dreams!

Write, draw and imagine your way through this fun collection of creative activities, all inspired by the wonderful world of Roald Dahl.



2. Peppa Pig: Peppa's Play Date

Peppa Pig: Peppa's Play Date children's book for 5 and under in Pakistan
This is the first storybook featuring Peppa's new friends Mandy Mouse and Peggi and Pandora Panda.
Peppa is very excited because her friends Mandy Mouse and the Panda Twins are coming round for a play date! Peppa, Mandy, Peggi and Pandora have got lots of ideas for fun and games to keep everyone entertained. Mummy and Daddy Pig make sure that Peppa and friends have a brilliant day!


3. Four Silly Skeletons

Four Silly Skeletons Children's book for online delivery in Pakistan by Chapters Bookstore
"It's midnight!" shouted Skelly Sid. "But what do we all care? How can we think of sleeping when there's music in the air ... ?" Four silly skeletons dance off with a skip and a hop, and not one of them sees the GREAT BIG DROP! Luckily, Auntie June is there to patch them up. Even if they end up in a bit of a muddle. A rollicking, rhythmical story perfect to read aloud, made even more zany and hilarious by Sue Hendra's bright, bold illustrations. Just right for making kids jump - and then making them laugh.
We carry original, imported English Children's books. Explore our complete range covering 0 to 3 years, 4 to 6 years, 7 to 9 years, pre-teen 10 to 12 years, and teens. At Chapters online bookstore in Pakistan, you will find something unique for every child. 

4. 1000 Words: STEM

1000 Words: STEM Children's books for 5 and under from Chapters bookstore

Encourage Early Science, Vocabulary and Literacy Skills

Discover a different and exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) topic on every page of this science book for kids! Delve into the key scientific concepts from sound and light to plants and animals. It's the perfect gift for children who are curious about science and keep asking the how and why questions!

Use picture-and-word association to learn about STEM topics like:

- Seasons, the weather, and why things get hot and cold
- Machines, materials, and junk
- Being at the doctor and inside the human body
- Vehicles, transport, the moon landing, and much more

Introduce key scientific concepts to your child and encourage early reading, writing and vocabulary skills

Did you know that science is all around us, even on the playground? Open the pages of this illustrated picture and word book for young readers to discover the wonders of STEM in 1000 words.

This fascinating STEM education book for kids is packed with bright, detailed illustrations
and easy-to-read terms. Every picture-packed page is full of scientific concepts such as sound, light, senses, and machines, with words for each image. It's perfect for children aged 5-7 years, or for anyone learning English as a second language.

This must-have reference book will broaden children's vocabulary and strengthen their early reading and writing skills. Full of fun facts and stats, leading educational experts have carefully selected each topic with questions that stimulate thinking, talking, and early science skills. This vocabulary book also includes lots of useful nouns, plus some interesting adjectives, and common verbs.

Feed your child's curiosity and help them shape their language, science, and literacy skills. 1000 words: STEM helps to develop a passion for science and critical thinking to inspire kids to want to know more about how the world around them works.


5. My First Coding Book: Packed with Flaps and Lots More to Help you Code without a Computer!

My First Coding Book. Coding book for kids in Pakistan
Get with the program! Introduce your child to the wonderful world of coding. Packed with flaps, wheels and sliders, this is the essential guide for children wishing to learn the ins and outs of coding.

Written specifically for Key Stage 1 level, My First Coding Book teaches your child how to understand and use basic algorithms and bug fixes. The eye-catching illustrations and hands-on sliders will not only keep your little ones entertained, but will help to improve their ability to solve maths problems as well!

Computer coding is now a key part of the UK National Curriculum and is taught to children as soon as they begin school. My First Coding Book offers a unique and exciting alternative to dull worksheets and is perfect for teachers, parents or grandparents introducing their children to computing.

Give your child a head start without the need for a computer.
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