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Osman Haneef

The Verdict

The Verdict

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Haunted by a tragic past, a lawyer, Sikander Ghaznavi, returns to Pakistan and takes on the defence of a Christian boy accused of defiling a mosque. Out of his depth, Sikander reaches out to the sharpest human rights lawyer he knows - the woman he has loved for years, but now another man's wife. As they deal with their unresolved feelings, the lawyers confront a corrupt system, a town turned against them, and a prophecy that predicts their deaths. 

Will they save the boy? Or will the city of Quetta, its prejudice inflamed by extremists, consume them and deliver them to a deadly fate?


Publisher: Reverie Publishers
Number of pages:268
ISBN: 9789692352406
Weight: 256g
Dimensions: 137x213x12mm

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