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Alison Lohans

Doppelganger - Nitty Gritty Novels Level 1

Doppelganger - Nitty Gritty Novels Level 1

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ConnorÕs Easter holiday is certain to be an exciting time. Not everybody gets to travel to Greece and Turkey on a cruise ship! From the minute Connor and his family arrive, however, bizarre things start to happen. He keeps seeing a a boy who looks almost exactly like him. After ConnorÕs ship ID card goes missing at the Parthenon, he begins to be accused of doing all sorts of things he hasnÕt, like running up charges on an Internet account heÕs not supposed to have Ð and his parents donÕt seem to believe heÕs innocent. Connor suspects that his Dopplganger might have something to do with it. But who is he and what are his motives?

Publisher: Pearson Education New Zealand
ISBN: 9781442527638
Weight: 458 g 

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