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Melaina Faranda

Jack No Name - Nitty Gritty Novels Level 3

Jack No Name - Nitty Gritty Novels Level 3

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Abandoned as a baby to the care of Glastonbury Abbey's monks, Jack No Name has never ventured further than Glastonbury's flat, endless fields. But now, thanks to his skills in the abbey's kitchen, the abbot has ordered his presence on a journey to Wells Cathedral - the most beautiful and majestic cathedral in all of England! On the eve of his departure, gathering mushrooms on the tor behind the abbey, Jack meets an old woman and her granddaughter, being pursued by a menacing rider in black. It seems Jack's knightly dreams of serving women and children, the weak and the poor have become a frightening reality.

Publisher: Pearson Education New Zealand
ISBN: 9781869706524
Number of pages: 159

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