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Jillian Sullivan

Rat Keeper, Cat Keeper - Nitty Gritty Novels Level 1

Rat Keeper, Cat Keeper - Nitty Gritty Novels Level 1

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Mike had given Starry away, just as he said he would . . . She didnÕt know how she would bear to sit at the table with him that night and mind her manners. She couldnÕt believe she had wished for him to come. A father at last, just like a real family . . .

MegÕs new stepfather, Mike, has given her cat to the animal refuge and MegÕs mum doesnÕt seem to care. It was cruelty to animals . . . and children. Her mum says that Starry was nothing but trouble anyway, and besides Mike is allergic to cats. But Meg has a cunning plan to get Starry back, and it involves Ryan Stark, one of the meanest boys in school, and his pet rats. ItÕs just too bad that Meg hates rats, with their glittering eyes, long, revolting whiskers and despicable bald-leather tails, almost as much as her mother does. But she has to get Starry back before they give her away, or worse . . .

Publisher: Pearson Education New Zealand
ISBN: 9781442524477

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