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Paul Buhre

Teens: What We're Really Thinking (when We're Not Saying Anything)

Teens: What We're Really Thinking (when We're Not Saying Anything)

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Teenagers are people too! But what kind?

Slaves to consumerism, ruined by porn, and always willing to trade in Granny's Christmas present for a bag of weed or a vodka and Red Bull? Until now, we've always seen the lives of adolescents through the eyes of worried parents, overworked and overstressed teachers, or even family therapists. Now, for the first time, a 15-year-old lifts the lid on what makes teenagers tick.

Here is an insider's report on the adolescent world of social media, computer games, fashion, love in the age of the internet, and those moments when everything just seems to get on top of you. And on parents, who only want the best for their offspring, but always seem to end up achieving just the opposite.

Publisher: Scribe Publications 
ISBN: 9781925321036
Number of pages: 192 

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