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Peter Hessler

The Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution

The Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution

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An intimate account of the Arab Spring, and Egypt's past and present, seen through the eyes of a wide range of Egyptians- political operators, archaeologists and garbage collectors; women, the queer community and migrants.

Fascinated by Egypt's rich history, Peter Hessler moved with his family to Cairo just after the Arab Spring had begun.

In the midst of the revolution, he attached himself to an important archaeological dig at a site known as The Buried. In Cairo, he got to know a young gay Egyptian who struggled with pressures from the police and society. Hessler and his wife also struck up a friendship with their Arabic-language instructor, Rifaat, a cynical political sophisticate who helped explain the country's turmoil. And a different kind of friendship was formed with their illiterate garbage collector, Sayyid, whose access to the refuse of Cairo is another kind of archaeological excavation.

Through the lives of ordinary Egyptians, Hessler creates a richly textured portrait of a revolution and the people swept up in it, drawing connections between contemporary politics and the ancient past. The Buried is a work of uncompromising intelligence and glorious humanity- an extraordinary achievement that unearths a new world for the reader.

Publisher: Text Publishing 
ISBN: 9781925773743
Number of pages: 480
Weight: 622 g
Dimensions: 154 x 232 x 41 mm

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