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Caroline White

The Label: A story for families

The Label: A story for families

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Being a new parent is nerve-jangling enough as it is, but what happens if your baby is not what you were expecting? How do you deal with the conflicting feelings, a heart assailed by overwhelming love and overwhelming fear, guilt and anxiety as your expectations are rerouted?

This happened to Caroline White. So she pulled together her contrary emotions - the good, the bad and the ugly - and spun them into a poignant and uplifting fable, an inspiration for all new parents who find themselves stumbling along an unfamiliar and unanticipated path. Written with great honesty and love, The Label is anchored by a simple yet powerful central image, a metaphor for all that is limiting and prescriptive, and explores what happens when you let the label go and watch as your child blossoms into their best life untroubled by negative expectations.


Publisher: The Ivy Press 
ISBN: 9781782404606 
Number of pages: 36 
Dimensions: 200 x 150 mm

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