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Shelly Unwin, Vivienne To

There's a Baddie Running Through this Book (Hardcover)

There's a Baddie Running Through this Book (Hardcover)

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A fast-paced story about a baddie on the run and a playful text that invites the child and reader to interact with the book.

There's a baddie running through this book,
Turn the pages; have a look.
There he goes, did you see?
Sound your siren, chase with me.

Kids, watch out! A baddie is on the loose and only you can catch him. But this baddie is very sneaky. He's going to have you looking for him everywhere...up and down, and around and around...until the very last page!
Publisher: A&U Children's
Number of pages:
ISBN: 9781760630614
Weight: 430g
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