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Barbara Lasserre

Words That Go Ping: The Ridiculously Wonderful World of Onomatopoeia

Words That Go Ping: The Ridiculously Wonderful World of Onomatopoeia

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If it goes 'moo' then every child knows it's a cow. If it goes 'Wham! Bam! Crash!' we're in a fast-paced comic. But what goes 'krknout'?

Barbara Lasserre takes us on a playful journey through the delightful world of words that mimic sounds. Normally relegated to children's books, cartoons and comedians, she shows how these often ancient words reveal unexpected things about the way we think, speak and act.

A book for anyone who loves playing with words.

'When it comes to the crunch, Words That Go Ping is bound to reverberate. Zipping between Norwegian kisses and Japanese silence, my brain is still humming.' - David Astle, writer, crossword maker and general word nerd 

'An immensely satisfying book covering a neglected aspect of language with impeccable skill, and written in an open, flowing and humorous style.' - Susan Butler AO, inaugural editor of the Macquarie Dictionary 

'Barbara Lasserre has conjured up a magical world of word mimicry. Her wondrous little book will delight all who love language.' - Richard Walsh, author and publisher

Publisher: Allen & Unwin 
ISBN: 9781760632199 
Number of pages: 208 
Weight: 280 g 
Dimensions: 204 x 134 x 20 mm

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